3 Ways To Get Over Your Ex And Take Your Power Back

Now here’s my disclaimer – I know this post will piss some people off. I’m sure my inbox may get very full.

But if you want to end the pain of your break up, then this piece of information will pull you swiftly out of feeling shitty, to taking your power back & getting on with your life. READ MORE

6 Reasons Why You Can't Get Over Your Ex

Believe it or not, the process of getting over your ex has very little to do with your ex.

Where it all went wrong acts like a firecracker, kicking up sparks of emotion and feelings of failure & hopelessness. But it’s not as hard as you think to move on … if you know the REAL reasons why you’re stuck. READ MORE

Are You A Rescuer? How To Know When You Give Too Much In Your Relationships

Picture this; You meet this awesome person through a friend.

You hit it off, they're gorgeous asf and tick all the boxes. Through a few drinks you start sharing deep deep stories about yourself & this person shares their own. Their depression. Abuse from their parents. How many exes have cheated on them. That bully from school. READ MORE

Are You Nursing A Broken Heart? You Might Be A Convincer

One simple statement that about 80% of my clients say when they come to see me, ‘But I did EVERYTHING for her/him!’ You gave them your heart & soul, spent money on them, doted on them, listened attentively when they rambled on about their day.

You did everything right … until they cheated. Or started pulling away. READ MORE

What Is Energy? And How We Use It To Attract Or Repel People

‘The less you care, the more they stare’

Ok so I made that up on the spot right now. I was pondering the concept of ‘playing hard to get’ and how, while it’s good in some ways, there’s also a point where you have to give up the game and stop being an asshat about it. Sort of. READ MORE

Mastering The Art Of Emotional Detachment

Over the last 24 hours I’ve had some things trigger me. And at the moment, ‘emotional detachment’ is my focus for this week for ‘things to change’. CONTEXT: Every week I change something/s about myself to improve every area of my life. This can be things like thought patterns (e.g. self sabotage), the way I interact with other humans, my attitude to money & how I interact with men. READ MORE